Business Party in SarasotaHosting a business party in Sarasota can be a way to bring your company together, to celebrate achievements, and to get people excited about the work they do. But a badly-executed party can be worse than useless, and leave a bitter taste in your employees' mouths. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when you want your party to shine:

Have a party theme in mind.
What's your party for? Is it to celebrate a retirement, or promote a product? To highlight good performance, or ring in the holidays? Your topic will determine your choice of venue, entertainment, and refreshments.

Consider your guest list carefully.
Are you inviting only employees? Members of the public? Employees plus spouses? Is the party adults-only or family-friendly? Get all the information you can.

Determine your budget.
How much can you spend on this event? And how do you want to prioritize the spending? You may want to wow your guests with a fantastic caterer, or treat them to an evening in a lovely space.

Pick the right venue.
Be sure to look for a place that will support all the people you'll invite, and be appropriate to the season and event theme. If you want entertainment, consider acoustics and room layouts.

Schedule your time well.
If you want a holiday party, don't interfere with people's travel plans. If you want a party in the middle of the work week, don't keep people late.

Plan your music and entertainment.
If you're going casual, a background track of some energizing music may be sufficient. But if you want to have speeches or live music for your business party in Sarasota, factor it into your planning from the beginning – and schedule any live talent well in advance!
Make it memorable with a professional photographer. Anyone can snap a photo on their smart phone, but a professional photographer can cast your event in the best light.

Serve great food.
Don't be stuck with a venue that requires you to use their catering: the service is usually provided at a premium. Cakes Sarasota provides high-quality food.

Consider an impressive centerpiece.
A custom cake can make a big impression, as well as offering a treat for the senses!

Take notes on what went well.
Send photos to attendees after the party, and be sure to thank your vendors!

To start planning your perfect Sarasota business party, contact us at Cakes Sarasota. We'll be happy to figure out all the details for you!

Catering for Your Sarasota EventWant to impress the business guests at your next event? Then let our expert caterers handle the catering for you. Here are five reasons why catering is the right event choice:

It's a better value
There's a misconception that hiring a caterer is outlandishly expensive, when in fact you often get much more value for your cash when using a service versus buying ingredients and cooking from scratch, not to mention buying the plates and silverware necessary to serve said treats.

It saves time
When hiring a caterer, you're paying not only for the food itself, but also for the time you save from not having to run to the store and/or cook. This means you get more time to prepare for the real business event and less time stressing over accurate measurement conversions.

You can enjoy and focus on the event
Passing the baton of food oversight to a professional means that you don't have to juggle the roles of playing host and cook and waiter and clean-up crew all at once. Remember, the guests are here for business. That should be both yours and their primary concern. Hiring staff to take care of the details enables you to be more mentally focused on the important details of the event.

Rule out the guesswork of how much to serve
If you're not often a host of events that involve food, then you might not realize how much of a stress it can be to figure out the amount of food that should be served. This is a balancing act as having too much is needlessly expensive while having too little means that some guests don't get to enjoy the fare (which can spark anxiety and ruffle your guests' feathers). Knowing the right amount of food and beverage to prepare for x amount of guests at x time of day for x type of event takes experience. The experience of a professional caterer who's been there, done that, and will know just how to plan for groups of all sizes and appetites.

Get the best
This one is the true and real benefit of calling in the catering company. You know ahead of time that your menu is going to be delicious. This means no awkward apologies for half-hearted attempts at homemade appetizers. Instead, your guests will applaud your great taste in providing professional-grade eats, adding to a positive experience of the event.

Contact Cakes Sarasota today to start planning your perfect event!

Wedding Cake Trends 2016Whether you’re a bride who likes traditional touches or one who prefers a more modern approach, there’s a wedding cake design trend to suit your preferences The following five trends of 2016 will help you plan and order a cake that will reflect your unique sense of style:

A Dessert Table
Brides in 2016 crave variety in terms of cake flavor, size, shape, and style. Why settle for just one large cake when you can have an abundant dessert table? Choose several different smaller wedding cakes, and you can vary the flavors and other variables to create an impressive display that will ensure all of your guests will find a choice they love.

Non-Traditional Colors
An all-white cake is always appropriate and in style, but many brides are opting for wedding cakes in a different color palette. Pink is popular in 2016, as are cakes designed with an ombre effect. Even bold colors such as black and shimmery metallics such as golds will also be sought-after.

Floral Accents
Blooms that complement your color palette will give your cake a unique pop of color and design. They can be natural or created from sugar, especially if the flowers you’d like are out of season. Flowers are an appropriate accent for frosted cakes as well as “naked” cakes without outside icing.

Hand-Painted Designs
For a truly one-of-a-kind cake, brides are choosing hand-painted designs to reflect their unique story. Designs can be crafted to reflect a phrase that’s meaningful to the couple. Or choose a graphic design that represents a hobby of the bride and groom. With multiple layers, it’s easy to combine both in whichever colors you choose.

Texture adds a great deal of visual interest to any color of cake, from all-white to ombre. It helps create a unique design that will elevate any cake’s appearance. Use texture to highlight just one accent layer, or try different ones for different layers – the choice is yours!

Contact Cakes Sarasota if you’re planning your wedding. We’d love to use our artistry and skill to turn your unique dreams into reality!

Event PlanningPlanning an event, whether it's a child's birthday party or a corporate business affair, can be extremely stressful if you're not adequately prepared. It can be doubly so if you're not in the business of event-hosting, as planning a party can feel akin to having a second job in the days and weeks leading up to the big day.

The following checklist is designed to inform you of some of the basic needs and party rental objects you should prepare for as you plan and organize your next gathering:

There are very few scenarios where guests would not benefit from seating. Otherwise, you're going to want to rent a minimum of one chair per guest with a few extras on the side.

Tables and Table Linens
The size of the tables will depend on the need of an event. For example, if you're organizing a small business event of less than ten, then you might only need one large table for seating with a couple side tables for serving food. Consider the type of food you'll be serving and the requisite tabling needs and ensure that you'll have enough linens to cover each table.

Serving Plates
If there is going to be food and beverages, then there'll need to be silverware, plates, and glasses. Cakes Sarasota will offer various packages to meet your needs. In general, you'll want to rent at least one set of flatware per guest and ensure you have appropriate plates for the menu items.

Tents (for outdoor events)
Tents are a must for outdoor events no matter the weather as they give guests, food dishes, entertainment acts, and sensitive instruments a protections from unexpected weather like harsh sun glares, sudden gusts, and light rains. There are three main types of rental tents that you can choose from:

Canopy tent
This is a lightweight tent braced by a central pole and is open on all sides.

Pole tent
This is a heavier duty version with interior pole support and optional sides.

Frame tent
The most durable tent rental, frame tents are the optimal choice for withstanding heavy wind gusts with optional side panels.

What's a party without the food? Contact Cakes Sarasota for professional caterers who'll best serve up the main dishes and desserts that'll transform a run-of-the-mill party into a big hit.

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Palmetto Youth Center Birthday

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Beautiful and Delicious Brithday's Cake
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The Lila Raquel Garza's Birthday Cake

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A gorgeous waterfall of eighty hot pink roses!
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Sweet 16 for Kaylin McWilliams

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Awesome and creative cake with a truck in sugar
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Wedding Longboat Key

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Amazing and Delicious Wedding's Cake
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The Beautiful Cake Castle For Marie's 15th Birthday!

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Disfrutamos con Marie, la hermosa princesa en su castillo en compañía de su madre, abuelos y amigos. Diseñado por Claudia Diaz para CAKESSARASOTA.COM
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cakessarasota1The Cakes Sarasota was born from the kitchen of two friends who fused their styles, designs, ideas and skills to create a wonderful and unique experience with every cake.

Trained by some of the best cake designers and sugar artists, Claudia can turn your dreams into a sweet and delicious reality. Without limits or restrictions, they welcome and await your wildest and most creative ideas.

These two artists will work with you to ensure an optimum result, whether you desire a floral fantasy, a contemporary elegance, a kingdom of princesses and noble knights, or a depiction of your favorite hobby. The sky is the limit, but The Cakes Sarasota is the place.